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The Jigsaw of Life

The Jigsaw of Life
By Louise McGivern

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, without the box.
A thousand pieces spread out in front of you,
the task so vast, too difficult, overwhelming,
near impossible.
You stare at each tile hoping for clarity but the pieces all clustered together are confusing.
You start looking for the corners,
the tiny pieces of the puzzle you understand,
the pieces that will start to make the picture come to life.
The corners that keep everything together, contained.
You force some pieces together, trying to make them fit, pushing them into spaces that are the wrong shape.
“Accept that they’re not meant to be there”
You pull them out, eventually, but some of the edges stick, so you pull a little harder.
You walk away sometimes, you need a different perspective.
Sometimes you return with a friend, fresh eyes help.
It’s finally coming together.
No rush, just patience.
As the last pieces are put in place, a realization comes over you,
You did it.
The pieces of the puzzle were always there, laid out in front of you, waiting for you to sit down and start.
No guide, no instructions needed.
Just time, patience, sometimes a little help from a friend,
and all of those little pieces become whole.
What an amazing picture it turned out to be.




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