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Change Happens

Change Happens
By Louise McGivern

I used to find in you little pieces of myself I thought were lost forever.
I used to seek comfort and acceptance in your eyes, they told me the truth without a murmur from your mouth.
When I thought I was struggling alone, you would creep into my heart and reassure me at that very moment, when I needed it most, It’d be ok.
I used to tell you my deepest secrets and be at peace knowing they were safe in your hands, no judgements, just quiet love.
Change Happened.
I still look at you with nothing but love.
But now, my secrets build fortresses around my heart, and you have more secrets of your own, that too, keep me out.
A distance grows between us now, where once our lives grew together like a vine intertwined.
You’re on your own path and you haven’t given me the map.
That’s ok, directions or not, our roads will always meet.
I remember where we are going.
At that crossroads in your life when you are searching for something but you can’t figure out what or who, I’ll be there, even if you don’t know it.
We’re both moving forward. Both changing.
We wrote the story of our lives together, we know the final chapter and we know how the story ends. It’s the middle part we always struggled with and I think that’s where we are now.
I promise I’ll always find you if you get lost.
Life Happens. Love Happens. Change Happens.
…and Change is Good.



2 thoughts on “Change Happens

  1. Sad, but a true reflection of life and friendship. Change does happen, but certain things remain a silent constant. As long as that can remain then really, this isn’t sad, but invoking and reflective. Change IS good, life is about changes and adaptation. Friendship is about accepting these changes and still having the love. Time and distance aside. That’s where the strength is. Xx

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