This is us.


Most of the time…yeah.

I’m Louise. Mother. 37. Twin. Lover of all things Cheese. Partial to a certain Ginger Boy.

We have a funny little life as expats, I say expats but I don’t even know if that’s what we are…my husband is a professional volleyball player, so we move around a lot depending on what team signs him. Does that make us expats?  Anyway, our life is fun most of the time, tough part of it but all in all its pretty eventful. My most favourite place to live is Amsterdam. For all the reasons you don’t think of when you think of Amsterdam.

I’m an aspiring writer, or ‘wannabe’ if you like, I love to put what’s in my head down on “paper”, then onto here for you all to enjoy.

So, kick back, grab a glass and stay a wee while!!

Check out some of my poetry here, let me know what you think.

Louise xo


6 thoughts on “About

    • Agreed. We lived there for 2 years and didn’t experience the seedy side of the Dam once. Well, besides when friends/family came to visit and we walked around the red light district. I’m going back in May for my bachelorette weekend. So excited. (I’m sure it will be very different this time around though, with 15 girls from the UK.)
      Thanks for stopping by!

      Louise xo

  1. I lived in Amsterdam for 5 months in 2007, and really loved the atmosphere there. It is, however, such a shame that certain tourists have to spoil it at times (stag do weekends from the UK, for instance!) – I really hated that side of it.


    • Yeah Sammi, its a wonderful city. I think this year the local gov’t will pass a law to prohibit “some” people coming to Amsterdam for certain reasons. I’m actually having my hen weekend there with 15 of my girl friends, next month…not for obvious reasons, i love the lifestyle, its a gorgeous city and a few of my friends still live there. Not sure if thats going to go down well with the locals but we’re not going to the touristy places so hopefully no stigma attached to our group. 😉 thanks for commenting.


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