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Being a parent ROCKS….sometimes!

This morning my daughter and I got up, had a chat on the couch then had some breakfast, standard wake-up activities. After breakfast Little Miss usually goes into her room to play/draw/read for a wee while whilst I check emails, Facebook, Blog, etc. This morning however, Little Miss decided to do what every 3 year old does instead of playing, she decided to do her chores! We don’t actually give Little Miss chores yet but she has always liked “helping” mummy with cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc so I always let her. This morning though, she just started doing them herself, without me doing anything, what a revelation? In that moment I realized that being a parent ROCKS when it comes to stuff like this. I was sitting on the couch on the laptop, relaxing, and she was folding (perfectly) and clearing the clothes off the clothes horse. Amazing, right? She LOVED it, as did I, so we will make it a regular activity, daily even, maybe introduce an iron at some point, set to cool of course!

When did you introduce housework/chores to your kids? How much do you have them do around the house, if anything? Come on ladies and gents, do share!

And yes, she did fold all the washing in the picture above, there was a TON!


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