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Graffiti – “Better Out Than In” – NYC


Banksy revealed today that he will release a new piece of art in NYC, every day in October for fans to track down and view, for free, before someone, perhaps a rival graffiti artist, white-washes it. Banksy is so elusive, so intriguing to me, and every other person on the planet…and his street art, well, it speaks for itself.

Have a little look at this video and tell me you don’t want to go? Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC.

I’m not artsy, I’m not one to go to galleries and spend hours there, though I have lived in some places where the greatest artists of all time have lived, but they just don’t appeal to me. (Is that shocking?) Take me to a place like Bushwick though, and I’ll stay for hours. Graffiti, or Street Art, speaks to me on so many levels, its current, it’s vibrant, it’s almost living. (though don’t get me started on living art!!)

I’m sure some of the greatest street artists out there were inspired by the great classic painters; Van Gogh, Di Vinci, Michelangelo, and what’s the other turtle’s name?? Oh yeah, Dali, he was my favourite one, but I just don’t enjoy spending time looking at their work. Ok, I’ve not been to the Sistene Chapel, so maybe when I visit there I will change my mind, though that’s kinda like the original graffiti, right? My point is I love street art. I wish I could go to NY right now, this month and see some of Banksy’s art, someone want to take me??

Are you artsy? Do you enjoy the classics or are you like me and prefer street art/graffiti?

(Check out Banky’s website for the images from this month’s residency in NYC.)


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