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Love is…

IMG_3876I read a post on Facebook a while back that stopped me in my tracks. (My facebook usage has dropped significantly in the past month or so…consciously!)

It was something about marriage and what it “should” be. I won’t post it but if you saw it you’ll know the one I mean, if you didn’t then hopefully you’ll just enjoy this quick response I penned.

I’ve also started writing a journal a few weeks ago so this little piece of writing comes from some of my thoughts in that.

I hope you enjoy!


Love is…believing you’re a whole person; completely and utterly divine, and having another person around makes you happier than you already are in your own space.
It’s being enough for yourself if you choose to be by yourself.
Love is knowing that marriage isn’t the be all, but when you find “your person”, then being married to them is kinda cool, most days.
It’s not losing yourself to someone but sometimes losing your shit and having them stick around anyway.
Love is saying no, hearing it, and maintaining respect.
It’s loving yourself enough to make hard choices and recognise when it’s time to call it a day.
Love is believing in yourself fully but supporting your partner’s dreams as you lift each other up. It’s flying; not an anchor for your heart that holds you down and stifles your dreams. It’s freedom but always knowing when to come home.
Love is allowing yourself to shine but accepting that the moon also needs the sky for the world to keep turning.
Love is unique, inclusive and beautiful, it’s not the same for everyone. 
Love is real.
It comes from within.
Allow yourself to feel who you are.
Love is all around.
It’s a smell, a sound, a touch, a taste, a view.
Love is Love.
It’s in you.


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