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So I’m kinda new to Instagram, (yeah I’ve posted a few photograph’s here and there BUT not only of my kid…cos I’m more than just a mum!! I’m really bad at posting pictures of my kid, though convince myself that I don’t do it THAT much, and some parents I know are a LOT worse! Do we all do that?) and over the past few months I’ve been wondering about the etiquette of it all. Is Instagram about dipping into the lives of the people you know and love in the form of a visual, is it about admiring a random stranger’s art through a photograph, OR is it just about looking into the world of another person, whoever they are?

I guess for some people it’s about following people whose pictures they enjoy looking at and for me it’s about that too but that also feels a little bit creepy, voyeuristic and makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do have a nosey at people’s pictures, of course I do, but I can’t bring myself to “follow” people I don’t know personally, or know through a friend or acquaintance. I very rarely push the “explore” button on my page but I do sometimes check out the hashtag’s. I do follow some famous people without any uncomfortable feelings whatsoever but not many. I have 165 followers and follow 187 people. (Is that a lot?) I also feel a little bit weird when a random wants to follow me, and quite often deny them because my profile is set to private. Which is ironic in itself because when I myself go onto someone’s profile I want to see, after reading a comment or something I liked on a picture, I feel a little disappointed when it is set to private!

Anyway, there’s some kind of crazy logic I use to make myself feel better about being creepy on Instagram, and here it is:

  • Only follow people you know and like. Obviously.
  • If you follow someone, comment with someone, have some interaction, and they follow you back, it’s ok to keep following. Maybe you could build a cool friendship. (don’t knock online friendships, they can exist, which leads me to my next point…)
  • Follow fellow bloggers.
  • Follow famous people, musicians, fashion labels…a girl’s got to keep up to date with all the gossip and fashion tips!
  • If you think the person maybe cool, follow them, until they start to post loads of photo’s that you start to skim past cos you don’t know the person, and don’t give a shit about the apple they ate that day, then unfollow!
  • I don’t hashtag for likes, ever. And think that people who do are fannies! (unless you have a business you are trying to build!)

It’s such a weird world isn’t it, social media and the do’s and don’t that surround it, how it evokes different emotions in each of us? I’m always fascinated by how others think about it.

Do you have an Instagram Etiquette?? What are some of your do’s and don’t. Do too many “selfies” or pictures of people’s kids make you like the person a little less? Just curious! Haha 😉



2 thoughts on “Insta-Etiquette

  1. Here here sister, I am always leary of the ones that do #tagforlikes #likeback #likeallpics etc. it kind of creaps me out. I follow pretty much people I know and that is it, feels wierd otherwise. And I have never nor probably will ever do a ‘selfie’, don’t know why but it is not me at all.

    • Haha, the other day I took my privacy setting off, just to see if I was being silly, got about 3 random followers and a few like from kids and spam….privacy was back on by the end of the day and random followers blocked. Weird eh?!

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