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I did it!


I deactivated my Facebook account. I woke up this morning and just thought I had enough. I can’t really explain it…I need a break, I think that’s all, I just need a little break from well, Facebook.

I have around 500 friends on Facebook who I’ve met over the years, all of whom I know personally….from all different walks of life, so I will really miss not having contact with them and hearing about their lives (which means I will probably reactivate my account sooner than I would like to) but I just need to stop for now. Nothing specific other than the fact I am tired, of the constant need for approval, the constant checking, the constant need to see what is going on with who, I’m tired. There’s just too much of Facebook in my life right now, and everyone’s it seems, and I want to enjoy my life without it for a bit. Try to refocus. Spend a little time with me, my family AND my own thoughts…without the influence of other people.

Anyone else ever feel like that?? Have you got Facebook or have you needed some time away?

I’ve traveled a lot in my life and met a lot of interesting, wonderful people, some of which I only keep in contact with via Facebook now. I’ve always been an advocate of this social network, but it seems like it’s taking over the world now. So I guess my question is, how are people keeping in contact with friends in other countries without the use of Facebook??

Fill me in so I can try and be present in the lives of people I love without bloody Mark Zuckerberg being all up in my face every day.


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