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Spick and Span



I’m a housewife? Ok, technically I’m not at all. I’m a stay at home mum trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I’m pleased to say though, I have a whole new outlook on this expat life and I am more content with my lot now than I have ever been. 

My husband and I (sans Little Miss) had a fantastic 10 day trip at the end of May, which included the wedding of some awesome friends, a visit to Buckingham Palace to have tea with the Queen, a catch up with some great friends and visiting with my family. Anyway, whilst we were gone my in-laws stayed with Little Miss in our apartment in Lyon.

We returned to our wonderful daughter after our trip and to a spotless house, my mother-in-law is ‘a little’ obsessed with cleaning, she’ll admit it herself. I loved how clean the place was! Now, I tried to keep it just the way it was when we returned but needless to say after a week it is back to looking like our own place again; just not quite up to the same standards. I mean, it’s not dirty, it’s a little messy, and very lived in….

My question for you is, how often do you all clean your house? Like, really clean your house?

I hoover and dust once a week, I clean/wash the floors about once every few weeks, (maybe less) I clean the bathrooms when I feel like they need cleaned and I very rarely clean the windows. I tidy the house to make it presentable every day and I feel like I do laundry every single minute of my life! I DO NOT IRON….EVER. (have I missed anything out??)

I will be honest and tell you that I hate cleaning, it’s not something that makes me feel relaxed or happy, though I do love it when the place is clean. I am not a typical housewife and when my husband married me he knew that. I cook every day, sometimes twice a day and I bake….thats about it.

Confession time ladies, yes, ladies, (my husband does not clean at all. ever. Does yours?) I’m really interested to know your responses to this one?


5 thoughts on “Spick and Span

  1. I hate cleaning. It’s a yucky word. But I’ve been much better about it at my place because I live alone. If I clean it, it stays clean. Until my dog eats it. Lol. I vacuum like twice a week and try to do my dishes every other day. I have witnessed Ginger McG doing dishes with his iPod on with my own eyes so I know he does at least some housework. Keep working on him. Hahaha! I have been cooking and baking a lot more than I used to, I have you to thank for that. I’m gonna try my hand at savory muffins soon. Your place is always welcoming and comfortable, not too clean not too messy, just riiiiiight. And you have a child! They are way messy and that is just life. Miss you love XOXO

    • aw…..alexis, we have a dishwasher now!! thanks for attempting to take his corner though! 😉 miss you more x

  2. I clean my kitchen every night. I’m lucky to have a dishwasher which I put on once every few days. I cant stand doing dishes and dont really have a draining board so this suits me. I tidy up most evenings but hardly clean. I dust if I notice that its getting out of control. I sweep my floors every few weeks. Ive never cleaned my windows. Ever. I do the bathroom once a week-ish. Housework is a total chore and I hate doing it. Life is too short to worry about whether you’ve dusted or not. I do laundry every day and like you, i NEVER iron. Must be something genetic!

  3. I dont iron either, but hy husband irons his shirts if needed, but now the little girl asks me to please iron this or that dress, hahaha, so then i do, and i wash clothes every day one machine, then i cook every day, but in hollidays i never cook, and we do many holidays! then the floor and bathroom its the same as you |Louise, so my husband only cleans the kitchen and shower, when he feels like! then our house is pretty tidy up, as i like a tidy place so i always put stuff away! sometimes i wish i could seriously clean floors and everything all the time but i dont like it at all!!! you tube is more fun when i am home :-0)

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