I wrote....

The Colour Purple


Hurt. I don’t know exactly what it looks like, though I see it every day.
If it had a colour I think it’d be purple, not the bright vibrant purple that comes after orange but the deep purple that’s almost blue.
The bridge between hot and cold, happy and sad; the inbetween.
Some people might think its red but it’s not, its dull. Not fiery at all.
Pain is red, yes, but hurt, hurt is different.
Its an ache…..a missing. A person. Maybe even a comfort. Its a smile, a tear, a laugh, a memory or sometimes a moment in the day.
I wear purple a lot. Without even knowing it, my hurt stays with me.
Sometimes I look up and it’s in the night sky, its in my daughters room, or its wrapped around me on the couch.
Today I feel purple. All day I’ll feel purple.


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