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Home to Me


So, I know I’m lucky, I met my soul mate/best friend/life partner/whatever you want to call it, at the most perfect moment in my life; when my heart and head were ready. That doesn’t happen for everyone, life doesn’t always deal those cards, we make mistakes all the time, god knows I did. Learning to love yourself, opening your heart to another person and allowing someone to love you, all the while hoping they accept your flaws is HARD to do. So yeah, I’m lucky I found my guy.

I go on about home a lot, being an expat and all, but truth is, home is wherever my husband is. We’ve been married now for 7 months and together for almost 7 years and I still look at him with total adoration and love. (sorry, total PDA…won’t happen again…) Anyway, I heard this song today and thought it was lovely, it also made me miss the USA, I hope you enjoy it.

Home To Me
by Sarah Darling

Love’s taken me across the map
All the way to hell and back
Gave everything I had
Lost my mind a couple times
Met you and I was sure
I found the center of the universe
Hit the interstate fast now
I’m never looking back, no


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