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Homesick Much?


So for the past wee while I have been feeling quite homesick, I usually go home regularly for one thing or another over the course of the year, it’s one of the reasons I love France, as it’s not that far from Glasgow. This year though I haven’t been home much at all, the last time I was home, it wasn’t really home as I went to Manchester for my friends wedding, so, I didn’t see many of my friends. The main reason I haven’t been home is that Little Miss is in school now and it’s not so easy to just pick up and go whenever I want. We’ve had to really start planning trips around school holidays, which for anyone with children will know, causes the prices of flights to triple! Trips that I would normally jump at the chance to go on, I’ve had to decline because it doesn’t work with our schedule, whether it’s Mark’s volleyball, my basketball or Little Miss’s school, one thing or another, trips home aren’t working out, causing me to pine for the homeland!

So, yesterday when I heard this song, my heart melted and floods or tears streamed from my eyes. (then Mark suggested we watch Braveheart!!! Yeah, thanks McG, I’ll pass!!) I’ve always loved this song, always, and this version is just amazing. I hope you enjoy. Can you relate? Do you get homesick?


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