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There is Love


I heard this song last night during the end credits of Californication. (have you been watching??)
Its just lovely.
There is Love by Fort Atlantic.

I realize I have been posting a lot of videos and not a lot of writing for the past wee while, it’s a phase I’m going through right now with blogging. I’m not entirely sure why, I think I’m getting a little disheartened with it all, asking myself, as I approach my one year blog-iversary in 2 days, if anyone is really interested anymore, has the novelty wore off for me, for other people? Is there any point? I mean, I enjoy writing and thinking about the stuff I write about, but is there any point putting it “out there” for only a few people to read? Maybe its better if I just keep it for myself. I don’t know, I guess it’s the same thing everyone thinks about as a blogger, isn’t it?
I’m planning my post for the 14th, (yeah I started blogging on Valentines Day!) a round up of what has been going on for the past year. I’m sure it will be riveting. haha. (sarcasm helps in these situations…)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the video above, if you did, let me know, if you didn’t, let me know….see the trend!?
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2 thoughts on “There is Love

  1. I go through those slumps too, kind of in one now. Do what you want to do. don’t force it. If you’re not feeling it, then don’t do it until you feel it. And if its never, then it’s never. We go through life having to enough things we don’t want to do might as well not add to that list.
    As for Californication, are you caught up? I normally love it but it has gotten almost a little too weird for me. I am still watching it but I find myself not as interested as before..bummer. My favorite line still is when Hank Moody says “m@#her$@#ker” in his high pitched voice…still my go-to line around the house.

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