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I’m not usually into these personality quiz things because I think people tend to answer based on their ideal self rather than their actual self…but I thought I’d do this one, Archetype Me, just for fun.
I tried to answer as honestly as I could and the results were pretty much what I thought they would be, since I’m a full time mum, and my husband and I are a fairly sport orientated. After you get your result you can check the little description of what your archetype means and see if it’s accurate. You should take the quiz for yourself, just for fun.

Here’s my pie chart:
imageIn other news, I’ve been fairly quiet on here lately, I’ve been hanging out on Instagram a lot but really neglecting my blog. I’m dealing with a few personal things, I will share them another time. (I hate bloggers who are vague…so I apologise, I will fill you all in another time.)

Its almost been a year since I started this blogging journey, so weird eh? Still not sure if I have fully got the hang of it but I still enjoy it so will be sticking around for a while….as long as you peeps still wanna read.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!! 🙂


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