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Armani, Ralph Lauren? Oh please…

I like to look nice, keep up to date with fashion, etc (when I actually get dressed properly) so obviously I like my daughter to look nice too. I choose her outfit every morning, make sure her hair looks cute, etc, so she’s not going to school looking like a hobo, but she’s also not going to school dressed top to toe in designer gear. I don’t understand it really – expensive clothes for kids. Cool/funky clothes don’t have to be expensive!

Most of Little Miss’s clothes are from H&M, Next, Debenhams or Marks and Spencers, (we recently found an online shop that does gorgeous kids clothes with great fabric/designs, called Tiny Vikings) all good quality at a reasonable price, not cheap but affordable. (all UK stores because I haven’t found any French ones yet that I like, besides H&M, that aren’t all muted tones and tailored.) She has pretty things bought for her from Ted Baker or Monsoon but those items aren’t out of this world expensive. (she has a few pairs of expensive jeans but they are very good quality, I apply the same rules to myself when it comes to buying jeans, which I do rarely!) All of her clothes are comfortable and functional. She’s 3 and needs to climb and run and generally just make a mess, (she’s a little boisterous) all the things I want her to do without thinking she is ruining her pretty/expensive outfit. None of the clothes Little Miss has are from really expensive stores like Armani, Ralph Lauren, D&G, Gucci or any of the other high end brands out there, she doesn’t have Suri Cruise’s wardrobe by any means, nor will she ever have, it’s no secret that little girl has a better wardrobe than most adults do. I’m not big into designer/expensive things so I don’t think my daughter will be. I hear all the rage in the UK right now are Lelli Kelly shoes for girls, those things can set you back £50, I mean, I thought I paid a lot for Little Miss’s converse trainers at £30. Those little Lelli Kelly shoes aren’t really my taste anyway, Little Miss isn’t a girly girl…. (is that my doing or hers though…)

suri cruise/honor warren

Speaking of Suri Cruise and shoes, she has $300 shoes on in this picture! That’s mental isn’t it?? Would you ever?

If I didn’t have a budget, I think I’d still buy the same clothes for my daughter, maybe just more of them, and I think my little girl looks just as cute as these wee girls! (My husband used to have expensive taste, and still does to some extent, just shops less, when we met I told him I could get him 3 t-shirts for the price he paid for one Hugo Boss one, which were just as nice, I went to Gap! Done.)

Thoughts from you mummies out there? Where do you all shop?? Does your child have a better wardrobe than you? How much are you all spending on your kids clothes? And the important question, am I being really cheap??



2 thoughts on “Armani, Ralph Lauren? Oh please…

  1. Hi Louise! I totally agree with you. I buy my two-year old daughter’s clothes in the same high street shops you mentioned. I too don’t believe in spending much in clothes, especially when they are young (they outgrow them so fast!). I also buy some of her stuff from Zara’s, they’ve got really cute clothes for kids =) It’s also a good idea to watch out for the sales to get a good bargain. All the best, D.

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