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one of those days.


I’m having one of those days. blue, dark,
the sun splits the skies but i feel uninspired, unmotivated, unhappy.
I should really do something about it…change something.

I just want to go for a coffee and a chat with a friend.
I just want to meet my mum for a walk around town, talking about nothing, just spending time.
I want something….need something. Need to feel,
like me.
But don’t know how today.

ahhh, expat life…or maybe just my life.

Or maybe it’s just hormonal….
the end.


8 thoughts on “one of those days.

  1. Deffo all gets days like that ,but sometimes making yourself get out house going for walk and feeling and breathing the air outside , then it gives you time to think of all that’s important to you , and its then you realise how lucky you are , know it is hard to pick yourself up but life worth it when you look back and see all that you have done already and we are all so proud of you xxx really are xxx

  2. I get those days too. Today is a gray day here, the kind of day where you need the lights on all day because it is so dark outside, no fun. It is a lonely life over here, and sometimes I love that, and then there are other times when it is not so fun. But like Ned said above, if we don’t have those days, we might not appreciate the good ones as much. Bis!!

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