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Why are people so crazy?

I watched this video this morning. (Don’t watch it if you are an anxious person, it’s difficult to watch! I watched with my hands over my eyes for most of it!)

It got me thinking though, why are some people so careless with their lives? This guy is crazy. Our lives are so fragile, there are people in the world trying to escape persecution to save their lives, people who are carrying out their daily chores, going to school, watching a movie in the cinema and they are gunned down, their lives taken from them, out of their control. Then, there’s this guy who thinks it’s funny, or cool, to climb a crane and do some pull ups. CRAZY.
Now, I know there are some people who will watch this and think this guy is talented, brave, living in the moment, fun, or that it’s art or something like that but I can’t see it. It’s careless.

What’d you think? Crazy or Brave?


3 thoughts on “Why are people so crazy?

    • Agreed. Hey, I had someone search your name on google and find my blog yesterday….random. You guys hiding out from people here in the South?? 😉 haha

  1. Look all students and watching movies persons please stop watching movies why because they are doing only business with people lives and why r u so crazy to be a fan of heros and heroines all useless.for eg if cinema hits the hero will grows his remuneration and what about u

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