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Random Round Up

behind the glassesLast week was a bit of a strange one, I’m not sure why…sometimes you just have weeks that are better than others. I mean, it seems for the past wee while I’ve been having more rubbish weeks than good…I know it will change now we are back into a routine, but last week was a bit of a struggle. I’m definitely lacking motivation, it feels like I’m a little in limbo or something. Not sure what that feeling is…still don’t quite feel myself…

Anyway, last week was my first week with my new toy (Samsung tablet I got for my birthday) and I love it! I’ve decided to share my week in pictures…with a brief explanation. (apologies if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already have seen these!)


My baby went to school today and came home with a fat lip. I burst my lip on Saturday during my match…I think she’s trying to be a wee bit too much like mummy!


Lazy Sunday – consisted of Little Miss running around the house singing christmas songs, occasionally stopping in this pose. Crazy lady!


My gorgeous girl ready for first week back at school!


Little Miss enjoying some of mummy’s cooking. LOVES spaghetti!


I’ve been making a lot of soup!! Need some recipes!! Perfect for these horrible winter days. We are supposed to have snow soon!


My boy is injured!! Out for 4-6 weeks. He has a tear in his calf muscle…poor guy is so frustrated…and its only been 6 days!


Feeling homesick??? Yep…mince and potatoes is the perfect cure!


Making a terrible mess BUT always cleans up after she is done (no questions asked!) Its brilliant.


Missing all my friends….starting to feel like I should probably get me some friends!

So, thats my week. I also signed up for a writing class with Duke University, starts in March, I’m excited about that. Also, check out the site I’ve been working on with 2 friends “Your Student Body“, it’s a great site for any athletes, students, or both, out there. Hopefully this week picks up….I have Monday blues.

Did you all have a good weekend?


One thought on “Random Round Up

  1. Oh no… sorry to hear that your hubby’s injured, that is no fun. Hopefully he makes a speedy recovery and is back before you know it. I am in search for good soup recipes too, it is not too cold here but it is January damn it, and I want soup…….

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