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Let Go


Let go
By Louise McGivern

When the fog lifts, the clouds clear and the tears dry,
there’s clarity.
We don’t say it out loud but we can both see it.
It’s a dull pain now, not like before.
Not all consuming anymore.
We understand what is happening, we’re prepared, we have been for a while.
It’s called Acceptance I think,
when you let go and it doesn’t hurt as much.
Sometimes when you hold on too tight to someone, you draw blood.
Not the kind sisters draw when they’re young, all bright eyed and beaming, promising a lifelong bond,
but the kind of blood you don’t feel or see at first, so clean and deep that it goes unnoticed.
Those wounds heal over time but always leave an ugly scar.
A reminder.
Words once said can’t be unsaid.
They float around in our heads, drifting to the front every once in a while, raising questions that were never answered, problems that were never resolved.
Our lives will never be the same again. They can’t be.
I love you enough to let you go
and experience love, life and happiness in abundance.
I love you enough to let you go, guilt free.
No regrets. No scars.
Feel empowered, feel everything.
Feel Free.
Let Go.


4 thoughts on “Let Go

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  3. Reblogged this on A Guitar with no Strings and commented:
    i reblogged tis i believe once before but its so relavent now, more than ever….when i reblogged this, the tears werent dry and i was still very consumed with my heartbreak. Whats so incredible about this blog is that it was written by a happily married woman. Which reinforces my thought that marriage or a spous isnt capable of bringing the happiness to my life that i seek……my life, my happiness, my enjoyment of living the life ive dreamed of….is all based on me. Ive got to roll up my sleeves and my life worth living. enjoy.

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