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I’m not normally this crazy…


I’m not normally this crazy but for the past few weeks I’ve felt like a total hypochondriac. The week before christmas I was soooooo ill, it lasted 7 days and I couldn’t physically get out of bed, then a few days ago I got a headache and blurry vision that comes and goes, then this morning I woke up and I have pains in my chest and back, and a bit of sinus pain and a cough. Now, I’m not a worrier by nature, I don’t usually bother about my health if I’m honest. I eat right, exercise and have an overall healthy lifestyle so this is quiet unusual for me to even think about my body. We also had such a quiet Christmas and New Years so I know it’s not my body trying to recover from excessive partying. What do you think I should do? I’m sure I am starting to get on Mark’s nerves with my constant complaining but it’s on my mind a lot. It’s getting so ridiculous that I feel like I want to go to the doctor and get checked out, even though I’m not even sure what I’d go in and say to him.

What would you do??


5 thoughts on “I’m not normally this crazy…

  1. In the same position over here….I have been sick on and off for the last 2 months and after waking up this morning with the flu, I am thinking I need to see a dr. Like you, I wouldn’t really know what to say either besides I have been feeling off for the last 2 months……sucks!!

    • blah, it’s rubbish isn’t it?! I decided to give myself a shake…I’m totally lacking motivation for ANYTHING… hopefully getting back into exercise will get the old endorphins firing and will pick me up. Fingers crossed. I hope you feel better soon too. xo

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  3. That is exactly what I decided to do too, I started exercising again yesterday so hopefully that will help for me and it will help for you too!!! Feel better asap 🙂

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