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Glasgow Sign

A few weeks ago I was on the metro (underground), it was pretty quiet, about 7pm at night…random and not relevant. Anyway, the stop after I got on two people got on and sat down across from me, they didn’t speak to each other at first but I could tell they were a couple. (again, totally irrelevant, gah!!) After a minute or so they started speaking to each other I realized that they were Scottish! Now, I have no idea why this made me so excited but it did. It’s weird eh, like, when you go on holiday and meet people who live close to where you’re from, you love it, don’t you?! Or is that just me? No, I know it’s not just me, Scottish people love it. Anyway, this couple were in their 40’s I think, and they were talking about which stop to get off the metro at. I really wanted to talk to them, maybe tell them which stop to get off at, ask them where they were from, were they on holiday, did they live here, etc…..but I didn’t, I thought they’d maybe think I was weird or something, so I just sat smiling for a while and said nothing. I must have looked like a right weirdo! (So, what did I have to lose, right??? haha) They got off the metro at the next stop.

I was gutted that I didn’t talk to them. I wish I did. Is it because I’m an expat or is it just because I love to talk that I had this compulsion, or maybe it’s because I am Scottish and we’re like this around our kin folk? Do you talk to everyone and anyone? What would you have done if you were me?


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