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This week I’ve not posted anything, I’ve had the flu….and not just any flu, I’ve had the kind of flu that incapacitates you, rendering you unable to perform simple tasks like maintaining personal hygiene or eating. I have been ILL. I’m on the mend now but still feeling a little fragile since I haven’t eaten in 5 days, fingers crossed I am back to 100% for Tuesday. I have the best husband in the world though, he has been doing EVERYTHING around the house, and for Little Miss, allowing me to stay in my bed (all day) and rest. (Poor guy had 3 days off and spent them taking care of his sick wife….I have no idea what I would have done if he had to go to training everyday….expat problems, eh?)

Anyway, today I have been hanging out on youtube listening to all my favourite artists, we all do it, right? You click one song, it leads to another, then another, next thing you know hours have passed??

The songs I found today got me feeling pretty emotional, maybe it’s because I’m still feeling a little run down but the songs below are a few of THE most moving performances I have seen on stage, there were loads. Tell me if you agree….or if there’s a song you’d like to add?? Enjoy…(tissues ready??) and have a great pre christmas weekend!


3 thoughts on “Emotional

  1. Ohhhh no fun, you had the dreaded ‘gastro’. I find I become so pathetic when I get that and the bathroom floor turns into my best friend. Hope you feel 100% soon, no fun being sick around the holidays.

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