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It’s not over til it’s over!

ASV-AL Gerland M. Match  (6)

I wrote “When is it time to call it a Day” in February when I was really struggling with everything surrounding basketball; my body, my ability, my emotions and my love of the game. It’s such a strange feeling, when you think you are losing a part of what defines you, like, as much as you don’t want to let go, you have no control over how you feel at that time.

Anyway, since February a lot has changed, I started playing for a team here in Lyon, Villeurbanne Basket Feminin, and all the things I was struggling with are now no longer that big of a concern. (Well, almost all of the things…)

I’ve found my love for the game again and it feels pretty good, I didn’t think that was possible last year…

The team I am playing for now are young, very young, and though they remind me daily that I am getting old, they still manage to push me to be better. The girls work hard in training and in games, so what they lack in experience they make up for with their work ethic. I know I’m not always able to push myself (on Sunday I got injured in the first quarter of the match and I am still paying for it today!!) but I try, and more importantly, I want to try!  My coach is amazing, she has such a strong personality, a great rapport with the team, she’s passionate about basketball, understands the game, and that shows with everything she does, on and off the court, she works hard and expects us to do the same. I love that type of coach and I want to play for her. She reminds me a lot of the best coach I ever played for, the coach who gave me the game of basketball, Jimmy Lay. He was passionate about his team and loved every minute he was with them. I’m so privileged to be part of a team now that are so young yet so ambitious, just like the teams I played with back in the day!

This weekend will be the one year anniversary of my mentor and friend, Jim Lay – I still can’t believe he is gone and it breaks my heart when I think about it too much. I wish I was stepping on the court tomorrow to play with my team, it’s what Jim would want me to be doing, but I’m injured so he will be with me on the sidelines, and always in my heart.Jimmy Lay

“Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?” You aren’t Jimmy Lay, you’ll never be!


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