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…but it’s Christmas?

As you are all aware Christmas is coming, fast, and if you’re anything like me you are starting to think about what to buy your kids. I know there are a load of people out there who have all their Christmas shopping complete already, and all I have to say to them is…I hate you! Haha. Seriously, every year I want to be you, but every year I fail! I don’t know why I put myself through it.

Anyway…Our Little Miss is 3 1/2 now and she understands, for maybe the first time, that it’s Christmas and if she is a good girl Santa will bring her something nice. Now, she has “asked” for one thing this year from Santa, previous years she’s just been too young to ask for anything. Last year we got her a few toys that she was really happy with, some books, paints, jigsaws, games, a dolly, some building blocks…little things, (though she spent more time getting excited about the fruit in her stocking!) I think we spent around €150, maybe a little more. Some of you will laugh at us, or judge us, because that’s not a lot of money but that’s OK, (I don’t mind being honest) we know she had enough toys and had no clue how much we spent on her. This year I have no idea what to do about gifts for Little Miss, I’m torn between what I want to do and what is expected from society.

My mum is an absolutely amazing woman. She would give you her last penny if you needed it. It’s just how she is, always putting others before herself. Growing up, every Christmas we got what we wanted whether she could afford it or not. I never really knew how she managed to do it every year, she struggled I’m sure, as we were a working class family with low income. My mum gave us everything with love, she worked hard, and on Christmas morning was elated that we were so happy we got the latest pair of shoes, or the most expensive CD player, and every year everything became more and more expensive, but she still managed. She never once told us something wasn’t possible. We were totally oblivious to her struggle, as most children are, but now, looking back, I hate that we did that, I hate that we asked for so much. I love that my mum did that for us, she wanted to, BUT Christmas shouldn’t be about who got you the biggest gift or spent the most money, should it?

Mark and I never really bother buying something for each other at Christmas, whether we have a lot of money or not, we get a little something but nothing expensive. (Plus, there isn’t anything I really need so badly at that time of the year that I’m willing to spend over the odds to get, and Mark would rather we spent a ton of money on food! No surprises there eh?!)

I don’t mean to sound like a bah humbug, I’m not, I know Christmas is about children and I love watching my daughter open her presents, watch her little face light up when she sees what’s inside a parcel. Its amazing! I just worry that if we start to buy her more and more each Christmas/Birthday there will be an expectation each year to be better than the last, and I don’t want that, money or not. (and toys usually get thrown to the side and forgot about after a while anyway, right?)

I know there are parents out there who believe money is no object, and that’s absolutely fine for them, I just don’t want my daughter to associate receiving expensive gifts with love or caring, because they’re not associated. Mark and I have, in our life together, had a lot of money and had none, and through it all, still loved each other just as much. I want my daughter to see that throughout her life.

I like giving and receiving gifts, don’t get me wrong, but I would hate for my family or friends to be stressed about buying something for me, at a time of the year that should be about spending time together, relaxing and enjoying each others company.

This Christmas we are staying in France. Obviously we’d love to go the UK and be with family but it’s not possible as Mark only has 2 days off, so we’ll have a quiet Christmas, just eating, relaxing and enjoying each others company. Surrounded by a million gifts or not, I’m still not sure?

What are your thoughts on Christmas gifts? Do you go over the top with gifts for your children at Christmas or do you think a little token gift is enough? What about homemade gifts? I love that idea, I’m just not very creative!

I’m still torn with this one so your thoughts on this would mean a lot to me.


6 thoughts on “…but it’s Christmas?

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  2. I’m guessing my ideas of Christmas will come to no surprise to you…for me and my family growing up Christmas was never about the presents, it was wrapped up in family and focus on the religious aspect of Christmas. With that said we had Santa’s gifts and I was always very excited to open these gifts, but at 30 the most precious of all my memories include sitting in the living room at Grandma’s with the entire family as Uncle Mike read the Christmas story (usually out of Luke 2:1-20). While you will not be able to be with more family, I say establish a tradition for the 3 of you for one day Little Lady will be able to look back and recall the experience of said tradition with great fondness rather than struggle to remember this gift or that gift that she played with for a short time.

    Love you and I think your tradition should include a skype with Katie in America! Woot

    • Katie, I love that your Christmas is all about the religious aspect of the season, I wouldn’t have expected anything else from your wonderful family. I love that you have great memories of your grandma, I wish I had them of mine too. I totally agree with you that we should establish a tradition for the 3 of us, that is special to us and make memories from that, it’s definitely something Mark and I have talked about since we won’t be able to go home every year going forward. We want Little Miss to remember our traditions when looking back.
      I’m sure we could incorporate some Katie time into our day…I’d love that! xo

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