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Baguettes, Croissants and Pastries.

I went to the bakers twice today, I spent €10.40 in total. I know, thats ridiculous, isn’t it? But wait, thats not the best/worst of it, today when I left the bakers I started to do a little maths and realized that we spend €30 a week in the bakers. €30!!!!! Thats madness, isn’t it? Thats a basic week though, when we have no real treats, when we have the odd cake, quiche or pastry, we could add on another €5 or €7.

Thats around €120 a month! THATS SCARY!!!

We eat some type of baguette a day, some days more expensive than others, and 4 croissants, but we are only a family of 3. Can you imagine how much the average french family spends in the bakers, I see them every day coming out with 5 baguettes. I mean, what are they doing with all that bread??

So, tell the truth, what do you over indulge in? Are there some things you spend money on without realizing you are doing it? Who’s guilty?


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