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Being a parent SUCKS…today!

So yesterday I wrote a post “Being a parent ROCKS…sometimes!” and I stand by that. Today, however, being a parent sucks. I dropped Little Miss off at school this morning and the teacher handed me a little leaflet. Got home, translated it, (I understood most of it but didn’t believe what I was reading) to find out that tomorrow, YES, tomorrow, I have to take cakes to the school for a bake sale that I must attend. WHAT?!

That’s not normal, is it? I mean, am I just supposed to spend tonight in the kitchen baking? I can’t, I have basketball practice…and what happens if I work and I’m not home during the day? What do other mums do in this scenario? I’m happy to make cakes for the school, I enjoy baking, but I think it’s a little short notice, no??

I won’t be there selling them though. Firstly, I don’t speak French that well and I hate putting myself in situations where I end up standing like a total fanny not knowing anyone and unable to speak to people. (I’m working on changing this, don’t worry!) Secondly, I’m not that mum. I’m probably offending a million mums with that statement but I guess I just mean I don’t think I’m much into mummy activities, I don’t have any other mum friends and don’t really think you can force friendships with people just because you both have kids. I should think about getting some more mummy friends, shouldn’t I?? I always feel really weird around other mums, like, I don’t know what to say, how to act, incase they judge me.

Goodness, mummy life is complicated, isn’t it??

I should get going, I have a ton of baking to do!


6 thoughts on “Being a parent SUCKS…today!

  1. Louise, Read your blog without realising who the author was. Congratulations on such a well written piece you have summed it up so well and also on starting you blog, get you. Well done. X

  2. Sending courage… Must say, I’m not sure that I would have done it on last minute notice, but bravo to you for making the effort. I’m still trying to get over the no school on Wednesdays thing here in France, so in addition to that, last minute baking is not normal. That said, Tomorrow probably won’t suck because your little miss will probably be very happy and proud that you baked such yummy looking treats for the school. Here’s to tomorrow being an awesome day for you!

  3. My girl goes to a Canadian school here in Abu Dhabi and I have to say I feel the same way about some of these “notices”. Everything is so last minute! I sort of like the mommy things but I don’t like being rushed. We are on a 3 day weekend at the moment and are supposed to have parent teacher interviews on Wednesday or Thursday but still have not been given time slots. You are not alone!

    • Thanks for the comment.
      Cakes went down well and the teacher was pleased we made them as not everyone did. (understandably!)
      Wednesday off is a bit weird isnt it?
      Hopefully you find out about the parent/teacher thing soon….how are you supposed to make plans??
      Come back soon,

      Louise xo

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