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It’s been a weird week.

This week has been a bit of a strange one.

Mark had an away game on Tuesday night so it felt like the weekend because he was gone for a few days, he leaves again today for the north of France, its always weird when our little routine changes. Great news with the US Presidential Election on Tuesday though, eh? (or did you not care?) Little Miss has also been off school this week, I can honestly say “I cannot wait for her to go back on Monday!!” (I’m a terrible parent, I know, I’m sorry!)

I took Little Miss to a basketball camp I was helping coach at on Monday and Tuesday, she LOVED it. ALL of the girls there, ages between 10-14, loved her. She has about 30 new best friends now. (why is it toddlers refer to people they just meet and play with as friends?? Instant connection, oh to be a toddler again, in fact, wait…) Hopefully it makes my life a lot easier when I take her to my basketball games and I have no-one to look after her on the sidelines!

Little Miss has been having bad dreams. I don’t really know what to do about them. She wakes up almost every night crying. Any advice ladies? Maybe its all these creepy smiley faces she keeps drawing… weird!

Also, how much does your child eat? Our Little Miss eats a TON! Like, every 30 minutes she wants “something else” – I mean, its 11am now, she got up at 8am and she’s had a big bowl of cereal, an apple, a yoghurt, a scone (which we baked last night) a bottle of water and 2 glasses of milk. Thats normal, right?

(Seriously, a peace sign, who showed her this??)

I have been having a conversation with a blogging friend “Mummy in Provence” about putting our kids names and pictures online for the world to see. I put my daughters photos online but I don’t use her name. It’s such an interesting topic and has caused quite a stir, it has made me step back and really think about this issue. (which is essentially the point of all this blogging stuff, right?) I totally agree with Mummy in Provence that each parent has the right to choose what they want their online presence to look like and moreso, how much they want the world to see of their family. So, I’m interested to know what you guys think??? Are you putting pictures of your children online? Do you use their names?

Also, since I’m on a role here… if you liked this post or any of my other posts PLEASE click on the link below and vote for my blog. “Comin Home Soon” You can vote once a day so feel free to come back and vote again tomorrow!

Enjoy some silly pictures below!

Thanks Everyone!


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