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French Women and Fashion

Type into Google Images the above phrase and you will find thousands of images of sophisticated looking women dressed in outfits that you would usually see on catwalks in New York, Milan, London or Paris. French women have a way of wearing clothes, they seem to make anything look…chic. They have effortless style, from their hair to their accessories to their shoes, everything is so effortless. 

Now, demure, sophisticated, elegant and chic are not words I use to describe myself, AT ALL, my outspoken nature and confidence portray the opposite in fact. I’m not a slob, I’ve had my moments, (mainly after the birth of Little Miss) but I usually think about what I put on each day, not to the extent that it consumes my mornings but enough for it to be on my mind. Today for instance, I put on some beige jean shorts, green tights and a black t-shirt and whilst putting out the outfit I was thinking to myself “Am I too old to pull off jean shorts now?” “Am I too old to wear green tights?” Obviously, the answer to both questions was no, because I am still wearing both items, but it did make me wonder why I’m even worried about these things. It’s estimated that it takes around 7 seconds after meeting someone to form an opinion about them, so obviously what you wear is important, right? Am I too old to wear certain types of clothing? Is there such a thing as too old for certain things? What do your clothes say about your personality? Is it even important? Should I take a leaf out of the French women’s book and try to look a little more chic? I wish I had their secret….

So French friends, how do you do it? Come on, share with us your secret….






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