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I should probably blog about something interesting or cool today but…I got nothing. So, maybe we could just chat, you know, catch up. I kinda feel a bit blah today, not sure why….

Loads going on that I kinda feel like I haven’t shared in a while, you know, ‘life’ stuff. Have I been quiet? I don’t know, anyway…

First of all, we were having mega problems with Little Miss last week going to school. She was screaming and crying every morning for about 4 morning in a row, because she didn’t want to go into the class. We couldn’t figure out what the problem was, I mean, its a new environment, everyone is speaking French, she has to follow rules, etc, but it was so uncharacteristic of her. I don’t know how the French education system works but I was worried that perhaps the teacher wasn’t integrating her or making her feel secure. I think normal worries any parent would have if their child were doing the same. So, I asked some mums I knew for hints or tips on what to do and got some reassurance, support from them too. One suggested good old fashioned bribery, so we decided to use the chocolate milk that we give Little Miss every day when we collect her from school.  We told her in the morning that she wouldn’t be having any if she was going to behave like that every morning before school. She screamed and cried before going into class. (So so difficult for any parent to have to see) When I collected her, I didn’t have the chocolate milk. She was so upset. I explained why…she understood. The next morning, I told her about the chocolate milk again, we got to class, she ran in, said “Bonjour” to her teacher and waved me goodbye! The teacher almost passed out with shock, as did I. Success!! Now, I’m not sure if it was the chocolate milk or the passing of time/feeling of security that worked BUT whatever it was, our mornings are a lot easier, I can leave the school knowing my daughter is comfortable and happy there. Now, after the October break, we’ll see about keeping her in for full days…fingers crossed!

Eh, what else? Well, I really want to try and take this blogging stuff seriously, I figured since I do it almost daily (much to Mark’s annoyance) I could try and make it worthwhile. There are so many bloggers out there that I read daily (A Cup of Jo, I ROCK SO WHATThe Wild and Wily Ways of a Brunette Bombshell and Sometimes Sweet to name a few) who make very successful careers from this. Now, I know that’s probably not going to be me but I’d like to at least look into it and give it a go, I just don’t know where to start. I have no idea about web design/technology, like, NO IDEA. (Read in this- if anyone out there wants to help me, feel free to offer your services..!!) I changed to a dotcom but thats not enough, I need to change a few other things before I can put advertising on my site, all of which I don’t understand. HELP!!

I’m still really enjoying playing basketball regularly, though I’m starting to realize more and more that I am OLD! The young girls on my team are great little players, they have so much energy and desire, something that I lack these days. Anyway, both Mark’s and my team haven’t lost a game yet this season so on a winning streak…and our little gym rat, Little Miss, is loving tagging along to all of our matches. Seriously, if she decides she wants to be a ballet dancer or something, I’ll be shocked!

I’m heading back to the UK tomorrow for a week with Little Miss. (5 hour layover in London, both ways, is going to kill me!!) My friend Sam is getting married on Saturday and I am so excited to be part of her big day. A few days in Manchester is just what I need right now. I’ll be in Glasgow for the rest of the time and hopefully catch up with a few friends if I/they have time.

I’m sure there are a few other things I could chat about but I’ll leave it for another day. Hope you are all well. Have a great week! See you when I get back!

I’ll leave you with this song that I LOVE, enjoy!!

Louise xo


2 thoughts on “Say Something Interesting Here

  1. Louise, I wouldn’t worry about the school situation. In the nursery and P1 its a regular occurrence for the wee ones to cry. It just takes a few weeks of knowing that you will come back at the end of the day for her to settle. As for your blog, go for it!! I regularly have a wee read at what you are up to and think you have a great writing style. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Hope you are all well. caroline xx

  2. Louise your blogs are great! I often read them as I’m away from home too and sympathize! You should def look into doing them officially or whatever its called! Good Luck! (sorry i have no skills to offer in that area – unless you include Facebook..and now Pinterest!) Good Luck xx

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