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The Greatest Gift

I was thinking the other day, whilst writing thank you cards for our wedding guests, that people were really generous, like, really generous with their gifts for us on our wedding day.  (p.s. everyone will get their thank you’s soon!) Our wedding day was so much fun, we loved every minute of it and we’re so lucky so many of our loved ones were able to share it with us, wishing us happiness was gift enough…the actual gifts were just an added bonus.
Anyway, it got me thinking about what gifts I’ve been given over the years, I don’t mean the gift of my daughter or meeting the man of my dreams… (as wonderful and fulfilling and immeasurable those things are) but actual gifts. The most expensive gift I’ve received is my engagement ring. (I don’t know if thats a gift though??) I’m not really into expensive clothes or shoes, (though the mulberry bag I got from my sister is amazing!) so I don’t really need expensive things but my engagement ring I love.

What’s the most expensive gift you’ve received from someone?? Do you like expensive things? Come on, spill!


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