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Ok Beyonce, I liked it, put a Ring on it…THEN

…he lost it! 

About 2 weeks ago (I’ve had to leave it this long to write about it because Mark was SO mad at himself.) Mark lost his wedding ring. Being a professional athlete he has to take it off every day, twice a day, so it was bound to happen sometime or another. Now, I didn’t get mad at him at all, he was mad enough at himself, but besides that, I wasn’t overly bothered if he wore a ring in the first place or not. I only got him one because I wanted to exchange something on our wedding day, after that it was up to him if he wore it or not. He chose to wear one.

Mark and I are best friends, we both believe we were meant to be together, but if there ever came a time when he decided he didn’t love me, he could find someone else better than me or more suited to him, then as much as it would kill me, it would be his choice to walk away from the life we have together, a wedding ring on his finger isn’t going to stop him. If a woman in a bar or at a volleyball match on the road, or something like that, cornered him to ask for anything other than his autograph, a ring is not going to stop him if he doesn’t have our life together at the top of his priorities in that moment in time.

There are stories in the media almost daily about professional athletes on the road cheating on their wives because they were feeling lonely, needed company…blah blah blah, its a load of crap to me, these guys paint the honest professional athletes in such a bad light. Its not about being lonely on the road, its about self control, respect, trust, commitment, all the things marriage is supposed to be built on, regardless of your job. If you are a male or female who is going to cheat, you’re going to cheat, a ring on your finger is not going to prevent that.

Why should I make, or ask, Mark to wear a wedding ring as a deterrent to other women? So they know he is off the market? He can talk to whoever he likes, as long as its just talking. Right?

(I wear my ring because I’m a girl and I like shiny, pretty things on my fingers….thats exactly my reason why…)

I understand why some people wear a wedding ring, its a symbol of never ending love, but for others its about more than that, its about ownership, possession, its worn for the wrong reasons. Have I got it all wrong?

What are your thoughts Ladies/Gents…do you wear a wedding ring, what’s your reasoning? Are you planning to wear one or do you think like me, that its just not necessary if you don’t want to, or if its just not practical?


6 thoughts on “Ok Beyonce, I liked it, put a Ring on it…THEN

  1. I am 100% on board with you. Rings come off. They do not replace a relationship founded on trust, respect, loyalty, honesty…I don’t wear one because I hate rings. They drive me crazy. That doesn’t make me any less committed and faithful. And my husband knows that even though he chooses to wear his.

    Honestly, though, if he were to choose to take his off at this point, I would wonder a bit…haha.


    • Glad we’re on the same page here Wats…it is funny to me though that I wrote this from a woman’s point of view, being the ring wearer but for you its the opposite… Shame on me!!

  2. Shaun ties his to his bball shoes when he practices and it drives me nuts. I really don’t care if he wears one at all but tying it to his shoes… I would much rather him leave it at home. On our honeymoon he was swirling it on his finger while we were in the ocean, with sunscreen on his hands and it shot off into the ocean. He made me stay in the water around the spot so he could run and get snorkeling gear and somehow he found it. I wasn’t as much annoyed that he almost lost the ring as I was that I told him it was going to slip off and he continued to swirl it like a kid… Men….

    • So weird, I used to tie my dads wedding ring to my shoe when I played in college, thought it brought me luck, maybe Shaun wants you with him all the time, even on court?? (that’d be super sweet!!) I thought about tying my own to my shoe when I started playing again but I’d have to tie the engagement one too and for sure i’d lose the stone from that, so decided against it!
      Hey though, how lucky are you that he found it from the ocean, there is no way he would lose if on a ball court if he managed to scour the ocean floor and find it! Its definitely a lucky ring! haha 😉

  3. No doubt you can guess my thoughts on this one!
    We don’t do rings, I don’t even do “Mrs” I’m a “Ms”. I became a Ms initially when I had Hector, As an unmarried mother in a successful, happy relationship with Hector’s dad, I didn’t think the title of “Miss” fit with my curcumstance.
    This is not to say I was unconfortable with being an unmarried mother, on the contrary, I actually took great pride in knowing we didn’t need a piece of paper. I still do, (except now ofcourse, we do have the piece of paper) I stand by the fact that it makes no difference to our relatioship and who we are. We’re a team.
    We got married because, unfortunately the law doesn’t acknowledge the term “commonlaw spouse” and in some instances unmarried couples are penalized. (maybe I should have wrote my own vowels and included that last sentence) How romantic? 🙂

    • ever the romantic Avril!! I love that you are so firm in your beliefs on marriage…
      The unmarried mother stigma is something I don’t even acknowledge and didn’t when I was one. It was created by society and held no weight in my opinion…my daughter is loved by both her parents who are together and in love. End of. A piece of paper is not required for her to feel that…

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