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Plus Size?

I read an article this morning about Robyn Lawley, the plus size model, and instantly had a few thoughts on it.

My first thought was obviously, there is no way she is a plus size model, especially at a size 12. Its absolutely shocking to me that she would even be considered a plus size model with this body, by no means is this woman overweight, she looks healthy. A plus size model in my mind is a size 16, is it just me who thinks that?

The second thing I thought, and please don’t hate me – I thought, if she is a UK size 12 then I must be the same size as her, and I feel smaller than she looks in these pictures. (Maybe my self perception is a little off right now though, I had a summer of over indulgence.) Can I also just point out that I don’t think for a second I’d look as good as this in a bikini. I’m not saying Robyn Lawley is fat, she isn’t, she has absolutely stunning curves, amazing boobs, bum, etc, but she doesn’t look like a size 12, most taller women with boobs tend to be a little larger because of their frame. (Maybe its just these pictures though, I’ve looked at other pictures of her today and she looks a lot smaller.) Robyn Lawley has a great body, all 6’2″ of her could carry off any size!

It makes me wonder though if she really is a size 12? Would the media gain anything from saying she is a 12 if she really is, say, a 14? Most women I know range from size 10-14, and as long as they are happy, healthy and comfortable in their own skin they can be whatever size they want to be.

Any thoughts on this issue ladies? Should a size 12 woman be plus size model?



7 thoughts on “Plus Size?

  1. I don’t know why we really need to make a distinction between “plus” size and “normal” size, as if being in a size above 10 was not normal. But I guess that’s the fashion industry’s fault for not include a wider range of sizes. Anyway, Robyn Lawley looks stunning. I think I remember her photo in a magazine… it was a really big deal at the time to show a woman who wasn’t thin as a stick.

  2. I don’t like the word plus-size and I have to agree with you, size 12 isn’t plus-size. There’s this thing right between fat and skinny and that’s called normal.That word, normal has a very broad meaning but somehow that doesn’t fit in our society these days, you only hear about the extremes.

    • I absolutely agree with you both, quite a few people on my facebook post have made the same observations, surprisingly quite a few men, saying the same thing…why label women “plus size” or any other size in the media. Let women be what they want to be as long as they are happy.

      • True, actually most men prefer a woman with curves, most guys I know don’t like girls that are too skinny and they don’t like the labels either. It makes girls just more insecure, no body is the same so technically you can’t label them and like I said before, you never hear the word ”normal” anywhere, maybe it’s time to let people know that most bodies are just normal, the way they are supposed to be, which is the most beautiful a body can be.

  3. Ok, so there’s a bit of confusion here, this article states Robyn is a size 12 though another article in the daily mail says she is a 16. Is a US 12 the same as a UK 16? Also, if Robyn slimmed down to a UK size 6 or 8 would she then lose modeling contracts because she would just be another skinny model? Now, I’m intrigued!

  4. UK/US sizing is different and I think Robyn is a UK size 16 but I love that you wrote this post as I was thinking all these things–my first thought on this was ‘if plus means positive, then yes, she is indeed a plus size model!’ This is a positive step forward for the modelling industry–especially for Ralph Lauren who are notorious for their photoshopping skinny models even skinnier. Of course being overweight is bad for humans but putting super skinny models (whether they are skinny because of eating disorders, drugs, photoshop or genetics) on ALL ad campaigns and ALL magazines is simply stupid. Why alienate a whole swathe of your target group by making them feel bad? Good post!!

    • Yeah, when I wrote this I was a little confused by the size thing, I read UK 12…I should have checked before, note to self!
      The modeling thing is such a touchy subject, isn’t it? I really love that more and more companies are using “real” women in their ads, its the right thing to do, women come in all shapes and sizes, and the anorexic girls just aren’t what most women look like. (Its also not an image I want my child to aspire to. Anorexia is an illness, not something we should be promoting in ad campaigns.)

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