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Playing God??

Look at this gorgeous little girl.

Her name is Caoimhe (pronounced Keeva) Neeson, she’s 3 years old, the same age as my Little Miss.

In February Caoimhe’s mum, Joe-Anne, got the news that her gorgeous little girl had a fast growing malignant brain tumour. This gorgeous little girl, who’s eyes I can’t stop looking into, is at the moment living a life no little girl her age, or any age, should have to live. Little Caoimhe had surgery to remove the tumour already but doctors couldn’t remove it all. Joe-Anne, her mum, was offered radiotherapy but because Caoimhe is so young, conventional radiotherapy would leave her with no quality of life, perhaps severely mentally impaired, and understandably so, her mum turned it down. This little girl deserves to have the life that every child deserves, a full one. I think I would make the same decision if I were in Joe-Anne’s shoes. There is an option for Caoimhe however, Proton Therapy, but it isn’t offered in the UK, only in the US. Now, Caoimhe’s case went to a panel of cancer specialists who assess each patient individually, the outcome – she was denied the financial support to have Proton Therapy by the NHS. I’m not sure what the criteria is but LOOK at this little girl, criteria or not, she is 3 years old. How can anyone put a price on her future?? It appears the panel have put a price on it, this little girls life is not worth £250.000!

As a parent this really pulls at my heart strings. With everything going on right now in Little Miss’s life, all the new beginnings, firsts, developments, etc, I can’t help but think how Joe-Anne must be feeling, she’d have to be as strong as nails to go through this, watching her daughter suffer like this when she should be watching her play in the park, paint pictures or have tea parties with her dollies. To be shot down by a system designed to HELP her and her little girl is heartbreaking. Then I think, what choice does she have, fight or flight, she’s fighting!! Joe-Anne is trying to raise the money herself, she’s doing all she can do, not giving up.

I’m not doing this post to start an argument about the benefits and downfalls of the NHS, its not about that, its about this little girl, Caoimhe, age 3, who needs all the help she can get for a chance of life. The panel got it wrong this time, as I’m sure they have in the past, Caoimhe’s life is worth more than £250,000, maybe we can help her mum and family prove that.

If you’d like to read more about this story, click here, or contribute to Caoimhe’s campaign, click here.



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