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Ok, I’m competitive!

The highlight of my weekend. (besides both our teams winning!)

Going to the supermarket and after filling the shopping trolley full, getting to the checkout and playing “The Shopping Game”.

Now, let me explain. (THIS MAKES US TOTAL LOSERS!!)

We guess how much the shopping is going to cost before we start putting it on the conveyor belt. Its like “Play Your Cards Right” – remember that show? Higher or Lower? Everyone plays the shopping game, don’t they?? I mean, that feeling when all of your shopping is being scanned through, the anticipation of what the final score (ok, price) is going to be, its so exciting, especially when you get the score right!! (I also love the feeling when the cost is much less than what you thought it was going to be…it’s a double win!!)

Mark and I are quite competitive, we can make a game out of anything, and we do, frequently. As you’ll know, if you’ve been reading the blog for a while, we are both athletes, (Ok, I’m not so much anymore) we spend a lot of our lives in sporting environments, its how we met, why we understand each other, how we made it through all the highs and lows in our relationship and it’ll always be a big part of our lives and hopefully our daughters life. Sport is part of us.

I’ve probably written about this before but I don’t know if I’m as competitive as I used to be; back when I was a competitive athlete. I’m having a little bit of an internal crisis with this at the moment. I’ve just started playing basketball with a new team, ASVEL basket feminin, my team are very young and I’m excited to play with them but the level is quite competitive and I don’t know if I still have what it takes to compete at that level again. I know my skill level/match fitness will come back (I’m playing 3 days a week, game at the weekend) but I don’t know if mentally I have what it takes, that competitive drive. Will I get the fight back that I had when I was younger? Back then, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, I was fearless. Now, its a little different.

Mark’s motivation before this summer was the Olympics, getting there, and competing on the world stage. His motivation has changed though, now, it’s money, playing volleyball is his job. My motivation was being the best, I needed to succeed. But now, it’s competing for the sake of competing, its such a strange feeling. Its competing to fulfill the part of me that needs competition, when I’m not sure I have that feeling as strong anymore. Like I said, internal crisis! (I think Mark is also having to adjust his thinking at this point now too…changing from playing to prepare for the Olympics to competing as a job.)

Does your competitive nature change with your circumstances, does it change as you get older? I think it probably does, I just wonder when I will know if I still have “it”, or if it will just become clearer as the season progresses.

One thing that is clear, the competitiveness of “The Shopping Game” – I’m the favourite for the win every week!  Right, Mark?



2 thoughts on “Ok, I’m competitive!

  1. Hi Louise !

    Thanks for following my blog ! I’m looking forward to reading more of your stories – it’s always great to see blogs set in Lyon (in English !) 🙂

    Bon courage getting back into the basketball !


    PS – My boyfriend and I play the shopping game too !

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