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We’re skint?

So this is kind of another rant…so beware! We aren’t really “skint” like the title suggests BUT we do have some money problems, in that, we have it but no way of getting to it. ANNOYING!

The story goes like this –

For the past 5 days we have been going to cash machines to withdraw money, with no luck, every time we tried it would spit my card back out. Mark’s card is broken and needs replacing. Initially, I thought I had the wrong number, which I was sure I didn’t, then we thought all our money had disappeared, which it hadn’t, we were totally confused. This morning I try one more time…and actually read what the message says after it spits my card back – “Carte Expiree”  Ahhhhhhh. “Expired Card” I didn’t even look at that, its expired on Monday. I’m a total fanny. (Can you tell my Glaswegian comes out in force when I’m ranting?!)

So, we decided to go to the bank and sort it out, we had a few things that we needed to do anyway, change our account over from Avignon to Lyon, change our address, order a new card for Mark and now for me, so may as well do it now whilst Mark has the morning off. Now, we haven’t been to this specific bank before because we just got to Lyon, so we go in hoping someone speaks a little English, they didn’t. (Now, I know its very ignorant of me to hope someone speaks English but when it comes to money, its easier for us if we understand what’s going on with it.) Now, nothing is ever simple in France, we arrive at the bank and the girl tells us we need to make an appointment to change our account over, the next appointment is next Friday! THEN, we need to call a number to have a new card sent out, but thats got to be after we change our address, which isn’t until next Friday. (We also can’t really call anyone because we don’t speak French.) So, the girl tries to send us on our way, thinking we have all the information we need. Ehhhhhhhhhhhh…we need money! We ask if there is any way of getting some of OUR MONEY before Friday. She has to make a call to ask if another branch can give us money, as they don’t have any money in their bank.  What kind of bank doesn’t have money in it?? We need to go to the other side of town to pick up the money. WHAT? It’s lunch time, everything is about to close. Brilliant. So, where are we now? Well, no further forward…. skint! The saga continues!

On a separate note, Little Miss had a totally successful week in school, she’ll go for the whole day starting next week, so exciting!


8 thoughts on “We’re skint?

  1. just so you know there are major bank issues here just now too the link an payments systems are down so that might be causing you a problem doll. My advice, flash a nipple to the baker, get some bread! lol xxx

    • Cheryl Scally, you’re kidding eh? Have you seen these boobs, he’s chuck me out for offending him! haha x

  2. Hey Louise! Sorry to hear your new life in Lyon starts like this. I hope the bank situation will be solved quickly!

    I don’t actually know any bank in Avignon where they have actually money, it’s always written on the door.
    And I don’t want to sound awful, but you should learn French 😀 it’s about time hehe. It makes life so much more easier here.

    • I absolutely LOVE Lyon so far, its going to be a great city for our little family to live in.
      Haha, you’re right though, it is about time I learnt French, I’m working on it, it is difficult to find time though when you have a child, getting a quiet second to myself is a luxury that doesn’t happen often. (and I’m not very good at teaching myself, I need to actually go to a class or something.)
      The bank thing is a little frustrating, especially in our situation. The language barrier aside, there’s only one person available to see us about changing our account over? And it takes a week. Banks in France have no sense of urgency. (thats our experience so far with every single one we have been into.)
      I’m pretty sure our bank in Avignon had money in it. What do people do if they need to withdraw more than the limit amount?

      • I think it will be more exciting to live in Lyon than Avignon, it’s so much bigger city. I know, it takes a lot of time to learn french, and it doesn’t help if you need to look after Maia at same time. Lessons would be good, maybe you can find time as M is starting school now? By the way, I hope she is doing good – she is such a lovely little miss.

        I know only for my bank and the ones where I have few friends working, so yes there is only one person who you can see in the matter of your account. Maybe it depends of the bank, but for me it is like this. If I need more money than my limit, I need to call my bank, explain the situation and then they will change the limit.I have no idea how long it takes, but at least few days.
        Any service in France doesn’t understand the word urgency 😉

  3. Louise; If people need to withdraw more than the limit amount in France they need to inform the bank 48h before! That sounds incredible but this is the system here. Meanwhile, I think you should go to a bank that belongs to the group of your bank in Avignon (Crédit Lyonnais, La Poste, Caisse d’Epargne…): without changing immediatly your address, you can get some cash to overcome the week! If I can be useful for you and give a call to your bank just let me know! xx

    • Wow….48 hours?? So much for impulse buys without telling your husband how much you spent!! 😉
      We’re working on resolving this situation right now, apparently our banks are all independent branches so they don’t have access to people’s accounts. Its very weird! Thanks for the offer to help though… x

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