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All Grown Up

It happens to every parent…the day comes when their little baby goes to school. That day for our little family was TODAY. We have been filling out paperwork (no surprises there France!) for the past week, taking information to the city hall to register Little Miss with the school system, and yesterday around 4.30pm we had everything we needed and they gave us the OK to go to the school and speak to the head teacher. Now, I was thinking on arrival at the school, after a chat with the head teacher, we would be given a start date…nope, the head teacher told us to bring Little Miss the next day!! I was not prepared for that, at all!!!!

Last night I got Little Miss to pick an outfit for school, she was so excited, and I whilst ironing it (my mother in law would be proud, I don’t iron anything!) I was getting a little emotional! Was this going to be what the next 15 years was going to be like? (minus the ironing!) My little girl is growing up way too fast.

This morning we got up at 7am, (which for us is super early, shameful I know!) got ready and walked to the school. We arrived early, too early, so we went in and had a little look around the classroom, the little coat-hooks, cubby holes for their shoes, little toilets, chairs…little everything. Its been a few years since I worked in schools, so going back and seeing it all really made me miss those little things.

Little Miss was so excited, we met the teacher, the classroom assistant and head teacher again, and whilst I was getting a bit nervous, Little Miss was off playing with the classroom assistant. Totally unfazed! She gave us a kiss goodbye and that was that. No tears, no looking back. Nothing.

I walked out of the school doors and I left my heart inside the building. I go and collect her in about an hour. I have a feeling she won’t want to come home, the school suggest half days for the first few days until she settles in but I don’t think for our Little Miss it will be necessary.

I’m so excited to see what the future holds for her, how her little personality will change, who her little friends will be, where her strengths and weaknesses will lie, how fast she will start speaking french…so much to look forward to and it all starts today. Life changes for our little family…Today.


7 thoughts on “All Grown Up

  1. Kids are great aren’t they, so adaptable. We have had so many friends put their kids in school over here and by day 2, it is as if they have been there forever. Looking forward to hearing how it went.

    • Nikki, it went well, thanks. As I suspected, she didn’t want to come home! School’s off today, (I mean, why would you keep kids off school for a whole day on a random wednesday? Its weird! anyway…) so back tomorrow, hopefully for a whole day!

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