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The Best

I don’t think its possible to put into words one of the best summers of my life, even now, after 2 months. So, here’s a little montage to remind us all how AMAZING the Olympics in London really were. (I had a lump in my throat watching!)

(sorry guys, you need to watch it on youtube)

Thank you Team GB and London 2012 for such a memorable experience, an experience we will hold dear to our family, for the rest of our lives.


2 thoughts on “The Best

  1. We LOVED the Olympics!!!!! I thought it was completely amazing and we were lucky to get to more than one event. My husband is a former athlete (swimming) so his enthusiasm alone was fantastic to be around, but I can imagine it was incredible, completely out of this world for you! 🙂

    • Our experience was indescribable, almost surreal, even now we think back and cant believe we were there! London was totally buzzing, it felt like it was the centre of world for those 2 weeks!

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