In the beginning / Me

My Space.

Does anyone remember life before Facebook and Twitter? When I was in college, back in the day, many moons ago, we had social networking, we didn’t have great internet but we still managed to communicate with each other online. I had Myspace (does anyone still use it anymore? Ever?) and Blackplanet. (oh god, I thought I was a real baller, eh? More like a bawheed!!) Today, (since I have the flu and feel dreadful) I remembered the passwords and logged into both. Eeeek.

Anyway, I found some hilarious photos, some of me, some of others, (apologies in advance) some, that I’m not even sure I want to put on here, (they’re soooooo old and embarrassing!!!) but as you all know, I like to be honest so I’ll share…I hope no-ones too offended.

These pictures remind me of a time in my life so different from my life now, when I was different. Young and naive…maybe? I looked at pictures of Mark and I in the beginning, I read emails from people I haven’t spoken to in YEARS, stories I had forgotten about, people I had forgotten about. I read mail from people who are still in my life and our friendships are still going strong, after all these years. It was a nice little walk down memory lane.

Do any of you have any embarrassing photos you’d care to share? That catapult you back to a different or distant place in time? Do you have myspace or any other space that takes you back to your past? Maybe you’ve also forgotten about a profile you once had. Go on…see if you can remember the password, and have a little walk down memory lane too.


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