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I love you…already!

Today we went into town for the first time. (Well, we went the other day too but only to a shopping mall for an hour to get my phone sorted.)

Anyway, I love Lyon already, we had such an amazing day walking around taking in the sights, it didn’t even bother me that the shops were closed, the town was still filled with people. I have to admit it, I’m definitely a city girl. We went on the underground, enjoyed a Starbucks, (I know, shocking that we did this…I loved it and don’t feel guilty at all!) watched a breakdancing battle at one of the squares, listened to hip hop, ate a kebab, sat in the sun and people watched, did nothing at all and felt absolutely at home! If every weekend is like this from now on, I’ll be absolutely fine.

Lovely Lyon, I Love You!

Here are some photos we took whilst we were out.


2 thoughts on “I love you…already!

  1. So glad you explored a little, I have heard nothing but great things about Lyon. And no need to apologize for Starbucks, we have one here that just opened up and I am going to make the 15 minute drive over there if not just to feel a little of home. Isn’t it so fun figuring out a new city?

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