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We’ve arrived??

We said our goodbyes in Glasgow yesterday and after a long but smooth day of travel we arrived in Lyon around 7.30pm last night. (We had a 4 hour layover at London Heathrow) On arrival we were met by a lovely Bulgarian player on Marks team, I forget his name already, anyway, he came to pick us up because he had the biggest car! So, with our life packed into our bright red Adidas luggage, (2 suitcases, 2 large holdalls, a backpack and shoulder bag. Thanks Team GB!) we excitedly jumped in the car, ready for our new adventure, and head towards our…hotel, well, serviced apartment but still, hotel.

Brilliant. Our apartment is supposed to be ready tomorrow, so we will stay here for another night. Hopefully.

I’m feel in limbo at the moment. Mark has gone to training this morning…cos, you know, thats what he’s getting paid to do, and I’m in the hotel with Little Miss, trying to keep her entertained. I feel a little deflated, I’ll be honest, I just wanted to get to Lyon, get into our apartment and start figuring stuff out, BUT as with everything in this volley life, nothing ever runs that smoothly.

I don’t really know where in Lyon we are at the moment, I don’t want to wander too far because Mark doesn’t have a a key and I don’t know what time he will be back. Who am I kidding?? I’ll get lost, this is what I have to look contend with. I’m sure it isn’t that bad, I just don’t want to go exploring until I know where we are going to live. Does that even make sense? Maybe I’m intimidated after living in the quiet town of Avignon for the past 2 years.

So, I’ll go out and get bread (cos thats standard procedure!) some cheese, some baked goods and wait for Mark to get home from practice, whenever that is.

On the flip side, we went a quick trip to the supermarket last night and it felt familiar, I spoke a little french, which wasn’t terrible and managed to cook a meal. So, its not all bad. (Plus, we have internet!!)

Our new chapter has the page folded down at the corner right now, I’ll keep you updated of any progress…  and if I stop being such a baby and just go out. (someone please just tell me to suck it up! Haha)

A bientot!!



8 thoughts on “We’ve arrived??

  1. I’m sure you’ve gotten some tips from Steph and Sarah, but I did live in Lyon for a couple of months, and know a few places to go. If you want to do clothes shopping, go to Bellecour. It’s the heart of Lyon, there’s a ferris wheel (if memory serves me correctly), and it’s a nice spacious plaza. On the D-line is Vieux Lyon, which is the pretty, old part of Lyon that’s near the hill. That’s where all the ‘bouchon’ (literally cork, but in this context means a restaurant with traditional cuisine from Lyon) are located, so you can get a Menu at any restaurant around there. There are also tons of crepes, cotton candy, and there’s a miniatures museum in Vieux Lyon. There’s also a Funiculaire at the Vieux Lyon stop on line D that takes you up the hill to the Basilique Fourviere. You can see the view of the entire city from up there, and there are the ruined Roman Amphitheaters only a couple of blocks from there. They do concerts in the amphitheaters in the summer.

    Hope those tid-bits helped! I can’t think of much else right now, but don’t worry. Lyon is a beautiful place, and you’re going to love it!!

    • Cynthia, THANK YOU!!! These tips will help SO much. I’m sure we are living on the B line so shouldn’t be too difficult for us to get around. I will keep you updated. Hope you are well and enjoying being back in the US. x

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