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By Louise McGivern

I spoke to you again today,
You understand me.
Losing you was like losing myself.
But now you’re back in my life,
I feel less of a hole.

I know why you left.
You had to.
I was holding you back, you needed to fly.
And God, did you fly?!

I was selfish,
I lied to you, pushed you away.
Didn’t give you Time.

You needed me
And I wasn’t there.

I wasn’t your strength when you were mine.
Time and Again.

If I’m honest, you didn’t leave my life.
You were always in my heart, my head, my soul.
Part of me.
I denied you, pretended I didn’t care, tried to forget.
But you can’t remove something from your heart that’s grown to be part of it.
That pain, that absence, is too much to bare.
Your mind can’t erase moments of happiness,
A song, a smell, a situation, puts us right back there, together.
Your soul will always yearn for its mate,
And living without it just makes life a little less… Fool.

I know its a long road from here.
I left you for so long.
So I’ll start on my knees,
And turn to you.
And each day just try to earn your trust.
I won’t give up on you,
I learned the hard way once before,
I’ll hold on to you firm this time.

I’m here when you need me.
I’m here if you call,
I’m here,
For You.

Image: Dez Pain


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