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So, this is me, no frills –

I feel naked without makeup, I wear it every day, I’m at a stage in my life that I don’t think its possible for me to leave the house without my “face” on. I hate that I use that phrase as it sounds pathetic, and I never thought as a young woman I would say that, but my dark eyes, my pale, almost grey skin, (thanks scottish summer!) my lips, cheek bones, my FACE look a whole lot better, TO ME, when I have makeup on. I feel more comfortable, I feel like me.

There’s a problem I have though, my beautiful daughter.

When I’m putting my makeup on in the morning, painting my fingernails, shaving my legs, etc, she wants to do it too. I know its normal for little girls to want to be just like mum, I’m a good role model for her, I’m happy with that but when dealing with issue like self confidence and self perception, I just wonder what message I am sending her with my daily routine? Parenting life’s big issues is a difficult job.

Maybe its easier to let TLC explain.

What do you tell your little girls when you are putting on your “face”?


5 thoughts on “Naked

  1. I rarely wear make up and I haven’t a little girl, However I still share your concerns regarding our daily routine and how it impacts on Hector’s life choices. I am overweight because I excercise too little and I enjoy good food too much. My weight isn’t something I dwell on. Hector, I would imagine, sees me as his fat and happy mum. If I could flick a switch, ofcourse I’d choose slim and healthy everytime, but it’s not that easy and as I said before, it’s not something I dwell on.
    Graham’s passion for sports is not something that has rubbed off on Hector and so it does concern me that Hector will have the same relationship with food that i do.
    On a positive note, regardless of what Hector grows up to look like, I am sure he will have confidence in himself. As a family we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Among ourselves its okay to have a laugh about my bottom, Graham’s nose and Hector’s ears…. We are who we are and love eachother just the same.
    Much the same as I can see, Hector has my confident outlook on life. I see Little Miss has inherited yours.
    We all have our weaknesses. It is absolutely rediculous that someone as beautiful as you feel you need make up, But hayhoo, we are what we are.
    I think if i was in your shoes I would try and instill the idea that it is a silly habit, “mummys putting on her clowns face again”

    • Avril, thanks once again for your positive advice. You are absolutely right, Little Miss has inherited my confident outlook on life. Thanks also for your lovely compliment, I can always rely on your to put a smile on my face 🙂

  2. I don’t have kids, but my Mom never really explained it to me. I fell in love with clothes and makeup because it allows you to express yourself, I think if you see it that way it isn’t so much about covering up blemishes for others, it is playing with colors and “paint” on your face to express how you feel. If you present it in a fun, positive and expressive way it seems like an art form (which to someone like me who has tons of colors of eyeshadow it is). I’d just drive home the fact that you wear makeup for you and no one else and that when she is grown up she can decide whether it is for her or not.

    • Megan, I read your reply at 7am this morning and I almost jumped out of bed to write you back. You are absolutely spot on with your comments. Putting on makeup is about expressing ourselves as women, its something that should be a positive thing and not seen as negative, (even though a lot of the time it is to hide my dark eyes, etc.) just the same as picking the perfect outfit, perfect shoes, etc.
      Thanks again for your input.
      Louise xo

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