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What the Future Holds

Everyone asks me “Hows married life treating you?”

Well, my husband left me (to play in a wee volleyball tournament) a few days after we got married, SO married life is the exact same as life before marriage.  Mark will be tired of me going on about this but I am so ready to get to Lyon and back to normal life. I love being home in Glasgow, spending time with friends and family, but being here always means long periods of time living apart. This summer has been no different from previous summers, well, besides the Olympics and the Wedding. It has been tough and I am most definitely ready to get my little family back together.

My body also needs to get back to France, and by that I mean…I have put on around a stone in weight, (14lbs) maybe more, since I got home! Its ridiculous. When I get back I start playing basketball with a new team too, that should be interesting since I haven’t picked up a basketball in 4 months.

I’m also really excited to get back to a normal life because I have started working on a new project with some friends and need to get into a routine of spending time on it daily. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work on this project and can’t wait to see what the future holds for it. I can’t say too much about it at the moment BUT watch this space! Did I mention I am sooooooo excited about it!!?

Little Miss will start school when we get back. YES, my little miss is growing up too fast!

I am ready to start the new chapter of our lives now, whatever that means for us. Mark is home in one week, then we’ll leave soon afterwards. No doubt I’ll miss this place terribly, as always, but for now, my time in Glasvegas is coming to an end and I’m happy about that!


3 thoughts on “What the Future Holds

  1. As someone whose been married for several years I can tell you that what you put in is what you truly get out of marriage. Marriage, life it’s all about chapters in a book. The end of each chapter should never be about regrets but about what you enjoyed or can learn from. Perspective is key in enjoying married life with your soul mate and best friend.

    I hope that life in itself does return back to the normality you are looking for L.

    Your friend,


  2. So I love how this starts with “Well, my husband left me” LMAO! I think you are an amazing and strong woman for doing what you do and rocking at it. I can’t believe M is starting school already!! Does she need me to send her lined paper? Lol. I feel ya on the weight thing, I’ve gained a stone too. I am officially the gym’ bitch 🙂 damn midwest/scottish delicious fried food, my body needs a wine cheese and bread france diet. Miss you McG!

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