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This is causing quite a stir…

A while back I wrote the article “Baby Led Weaning” explaining how we chose to feed Little Miss. I included a video that I put on youtube when she was about 6 1/2 months. Over the past few weeks I’ve had quite a few comments on the video, most are quite positive, (it’s on there to try and educate/help other parents perhaps wanting to do BLW) but quite a few of the comments are negative. Have a read at them if you have time.

Today I had a comment saying that BLW was a good thing if used with common sense, but I clearly like “taking chances” with my daughter – someone managed to conclude that after watching a 58 second video!? WELL DONE. First of all, thanks for the comment/insult – I have no common sense? Secondly, I love taking chances with Little Miss? Yeah, I often take her out with me, run away and hope she finds her way back home again, isn’t that what all parents do?? No? Oh dear…I’ve got this parenting thing all wrong! Next you’ll be telling me I shouldn’t put make-up on my daughter??

It annoys me that people comment on things they have no idea about. Do your research before you open your mouth people!

Anyway, what are your thoughts on baby-led weaning?



4 thoughts on “This is causing quite a stir…

  1. Whilst the love you have for your ‘Little Miss’ shines through no end, as with all parents in matters of infant feeding, there’s the need for constant vigilance with regards to what she is eating, and chicken pieces are a good case in point, as they contain very fine bones which could cause serious harm to your little one. I’m certain you wouldn’t leave her unattended in a filled bath, give her gobstoppers to suck upon while you hang out the washing, or allow her to pat strange bull terrier, which, as has been suggested, is all good common sense, why therefore take the chance of her eating pieces of meat containing fine bones, when slicing the meat from the bone would be more suitable Also, should other and perhaps more experienced parents be willing to offer advice, you should consider their point of view, as they might well be right.

    Better safe than sorry.

    ps. This isn’t meant to be a lecture, but only food for thought (no pun intended).

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  4. Both my girls loved munching on chicken drumsticks like this. Never had a problem with bones etc – you are with them the whole time. They are learning how to eat. I think telling a mother what is “more suitable” for her child when she has read all the evidence and information is rather insulting. No one is more experienced in being mother to your own child than you.

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