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Warning – This is a Rant.

Today was not a good day. Well, it started out ok; I got up, made a plan for the day, (as you do when you have nothing else to do with your time, its time to get the heck out of here and back to normal!) then it started to pour with rain. Brilliant. Plan amended. I’m going to Sheffield in the morning so packing was essential, I did that, waiting for the rain to stop. It didn’t. We had lunch, played a little, lazed around, wrote this blog, then we got dressed, Little Miss with her wellies and rain jacket, me with my boots and winter coat, (its bloody August, technically!) we were ready to go to the shops to pick up a few bits and bobs before tomorrows trip. I go grab my purse, check i’ve got my bank card, its not there! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! How annoying! I used it to pay for lunch with my mum yesterday and don’t remember what I did with it after that! I said it already, how annoying!! I call the restaurant, they don’t have it. I call the bank, cancel my card, they confirm no-one has used it. Thank goodness! Now, the major problem here is that I need it to pick up my train ticket in the morning. MAJOR problem. I call the rail company, they tell me I need to go to Edinburgh to pick up the ticket as there isn’t a vendor for that company in Glasgow. Yeah, ok, I’ll do that at 4pm on a Friday afternoon. The guy tells me I can do it in the morning but he can’t guarantee I’ll be able to use the ticket as it won’t be from the correct departure station, even though I needed to change in Edinburgh anyway. I was about to scream. Anyway, he told me I could “chance it” and go in the morning and hope the station in Glasgow would give me my ticket, as long as I had I.D and the booking reference. “Chance it” wasn’t going to work with me and my 3 year old, not when the train was leaving at 10am. So, I decided to go today instead, I left the house a little after 5pm, with very little cash in my pocket, got to the bus stop and things started to turn around…a woman getting off another bus gave me her bus pass as she didn’t need it again today. I was so happy for that, the woman had no clue I was in the position I was in at that time. How generous of her. I got to the train station, my horrible sob story ready to tell the assistant at the ticket office, (the guy on the phone’s “chance it” ringing in my ears) I simply asked if he could help me, that I was traveling tomorrow and I had lost my bank card so couldn’t pick up my ticket, the guy gave me my tickets without any questions or bother, I love London but I don’t think that would have happened there. (The guy on the phone was from London, hence the lack of guarantee from him.) I left the train station and saw a woman and man cued at the ATM machine, the guy in front put his card in and walked away without taking his cash, the girl behind shouted him back and gave him a massive pile of £20’s. Glasgow is full of such amazing people, they restored my faith in humanity today. When the universe was against me, Glaswegians came through!

THEN I got on the bus home and was catapulted back to reality with 3 junkies up the back of the bus playing techno music from their phone and talking about “rolling and smoking joints…and shagging birds”.
Gotta love this place, Glasgow, always an adventure!


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