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I need…

There are 2 things I need right now, besides spending some quality time with my husband; a new hairstyle and a new tattoo!

A New Hairstyle:

I really fancy a change, nothing too drastic though. I’ve had long hair for ages, its really boring, I know, but I keep it long for no other reason than I’m really lazy and cant be bothered going to get it cut. (Doesn’t help my hairdresser in Glasgow moved to Australia so I need to find a new one AND in France it’s tres difficile for me to explain what I want done, I tried once, it didn’t turn out so well.) I also prefer my hair longer, with short hair I look like I have a basketball for a head! So, I need a change, should I go blonde, dark, short, long? Any suggestions, I need inspiration?!

The changing hair of McG is below:


A New Tattoo:

I haven’t had a new tattoo in about 8 months. (Mark hasn’t had one in about 2 years so he’ll probably need one more than I do.) I love my tattoos and really want to get something else on my upper arm so I can add to my eventual half sleeve. I love this tattoo below, isn’t it gorgeous!

(sorry I don’t have a source for this picture, I found it years ago and don’t know/remember where.)

So, thats 2 things I need right now that will make me super happy. What would you choose? New hairstyle, new shoes, holiday? Let me know.

I’m off to Sheffield tomorrow to spend some quality time with my husband. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


4 thoughts on “I need…

  1. Bring a photo with you to the stylist of a hairstyle you like. So much easier than trying to explain anything. Make sure you have a style that is possible with your hair type too, else it could be a disaster. Your tattoos are lovely. BTW hello, I found your blog via GB VB on twitter which linked to you at some point. So hello! I hear you lived in Iowa a bit and I’m just south in Saint Louis Missouri. So hello from the mid-west. 🙂

    • Megan, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, and thank you also for the lovely compliment about my tattoos. I did live in Iowa, I also went to Southeast Missouri State so a lot closer to where you are now. I’m going to write a post soon about how much I miss the midwest so look out for it. My friends have been saying for years that I’m a midwest girl trapped in a Scottish girls body…
      Thanks again for stopping by, hope you enjoy
      Louise xo

      • Just from your posts, your friends may be right. You do seem very much a mid-west type girl. Just the way you write. I have friends and relatives that are going to SEMO now. I look forward to future posts. Congrats on your marriage too!

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