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I want to live in Bon Temp!

I wrote a blog post a while back called “Guilty Pleasures“, about the TV shows I like to watch. I haven’t been keeping up to date with any of these shows over the summer, I’ve been a little busy, BUT for the past couple nights I’ve enjoyed curling up on the couch with a bit of chocolate and a cuppa, watching True Blood Season 5. (I know, I’m Rock and Roll) Now, if you’ve seen it all, don’t tell me what happens, I’m going to finish the final 4 episodes tonight.  I’m so excited.

This show ticks all the boxes for me. In an alternative way, True Blood deals with issues like discrimination, drug abuse, equal rights, religion and many more…not to mention the characters are VERY pleasing on the eye. I absolutely love Alexander Skarsgard aka Eric Northman, incase you didn’t know that already, but there’s also Alcide (oh dear god!), Bill Compton, Jason Stackhouse and Sam Merlotte for the ladies, and for the boys we have, Sookie, Jessica, Tara and Pam. Those are also just the principal characters, there are some pretty amazing guest parts too. If you aren’t too fussy about sexy characters, (why would you not be??) the story line is also pretty amazing, as steamy as it is in parts, (quite a lot of parts if I’m honest) its so well written, so much so, its too hard for me to switch off at 1am, when I know I need to get up with Little Miss at 6.30am. Can you tell Mark is away at the moment? Haha.

(For the ladies)

Is anyone else out there a fan of one of my favourite shows? Any Fangers amongst you? Who’s your favourite? Anyone planning a move to Louisiana?



3 thoughts on “I want to live in Bon Temp!

  1. I love Joe Manganiello (Alcide), so thanks for that picture! I’m on to the last episode.
    I’ve even started reading the books again from the start, it’s just so addictive!

    • Thanks for commenting, I am really looking forward to tonight when I’ll watch the last few but I’ll be sad at the same time as I’ll need to wait for the next season and I’m sure it’ll feel like forever. I have a lot of catching up to do with my other shows so hopefully not too bad. I loved Joe Manganiello in One Tree Hill too. Mmmmmm.

  2. Yeah….you just made me realize that I need to catch-up on True Blood. I think the last season we saw was 2, so I foresee a lot of late nights curled up on the couch watching True Blood:)

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