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The Gruffalo doesn’t come close to my monster!

What do you do when your 2 year old angel turns into a 3 year old monster?

For the past couple months this has been brewing, I could feel it, my Little Miss has changed, into a monster. She has become independent, strong willed, stubborn, out spoken, cheeky, frustrated and aggressive; all the traits of a teenager, Little Miss has them. I don’t hate all of these traits but some of them, are trying on me. She turned 3 a month ago, how is it possible she fast forwarded 10 years?

Discipline my daughter is becoming increasingly difficult, she used to be so well behaved. Now, when she gets into trouble, she gets frustrated and tries to hit me, I put her in a timeout and she kicks and screams, the loudest I have ever heard a child scream (obviously), so frustrated, and with so much anger. I explain to her afterwards, that we don’t hit (for me, its not how to resolve conflict) and she seems to understand, apologizes, then the next time, she does the same thing again. She’s so defiant too, she really pushes me to my limits. If she doesn’t get her own way, she storms into her room and slams the door.

Last night, she woke up during the night, around 1am, asked for a drink of water then refused to go back to sleep, “I not tired”, when I told her she needed to get back into bed and go to sleep, a tantrum followed, a full blown stomping feet, kicking the wall, screaming, punching the air tantrum…I left her and went back to bed, she stayed awake until around 4am, and woke up this morning at 7.30am as if nothing happened. What’s that all about? Am I missing something?

I suppose the point of this post is to vent, figure out what I’m doing wrong, see if this is normal, are other parents experiencing this too?  I’ll be honest, (I feel like I have to say this so I don’t feel like a crappy mum!) I love my daughter, she’s vibrant, energetic, confident and happy (most of the time) but the monster that lives in my house right now is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with.

Any advice? Can I rewind?


One thought on “The Gruffalo doesn’t come close to my monster!

  1. Stick with exactly what you are doing, be clear, firm and don’t respond to insolent screaming. She will be reassured by you confidence, Start allowing her to dictate her own sleeping patterns and it won’t stop there.

    Perhaps try smiley/sad faces on the calender. we did this with Hector once, I made it very clear that visiting extended family would see the calender and be very impressed/disappointed by happy/sad faces. don’t forget to point out calender when the folks come over. I am sure you’re folks will say all the right things to support you.
    Another thing i used to do was visit, it has chat pages dedecated to child age groups and different disapline issues etc. it was reassuring to read other people had the same issues,here and now.

    Just for the record, on reading over what i’ve written I often think i have a tendancey to sound like “I know Best” which ofcouse I don’t. These are just ideas that on occassion have worked for me.
    All the best, keep up the hard work. Avril x x

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