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“I Do!”

Our Mish Mash Bash!

So we finally did it, Mark and I tied the knot on Friday. It was the most perfect wedding day I could have imagined, and we did it exactly our way. (Thanks to Rock’n’Roll Bride‘s inspiration!)

As unconventional as our day sounded when I explained it to people, it ended up a perfect balance of tradition and non-tradition. I didn’t want the months of planning, all of the anticipation and stress, the build up, the cost, that most weddings have, I wanted relaxation and fun, I wanted to enjoy our day! I did enjoy every second of it, and most, if not all, of our doubters were reformed by the end of the day.

Mark and I stayed apart the night before but saw each other in the hotel before we went to the pub to meet a group of about 30 of our closest friends for a pint. (they were warned to stay sober’ish when we left, as it was going to be a long day…some listened, some, did not!!) We then walked through the park to the registry office with 15 friends, where we were joined by our parents and Little Miss. (who looked absolutely adorable in her princess dress!) We walked down the aisle together to the Proclaimers “Lets get Married”. After we said our vows, we had some photos taken and upon leaving the registry office we were met by our very own rebel bagpiper who wasn’t allowed to pipe, but did anyway! We then walked through the park again (god bless the scottish weather being on our side!!) to the restaurant where we ate with our small party of 15. After our meal, which was phenomenal, we headed to the city centre where we (some 150 friends and family) partied, with our awesome DJ friend, until the wee hours of the morning!

The boys wore kilts and looked AMAZING! (we even managed to get the English boys and French boys in kilts!) It was the most perfect day and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Its a day that will stay in my heart forever. “It must be LOVE” (our first dance!)

I really appreciate everyone who spent our day with us and helped make it so special, but, I want to say a special thank you to everyone, you know who you are, who travelled from various countries to enjoy our day with us, it means a lot that you were there. Though there is distance between us, our hearts are still connected forever! Thank you! (cheesy, apologies!)

Mark and I enjoyed a perfect wedding weekend and it wouldn’t have been complete without our loved ones being such a big part of it, we are a very lucky couple.

These are just some of the photos of Mark and I, wait til you see the rest…we were a fabulous looking wedding party, even if I do say so myself!

Lots of Love,

Mrs McGivern


9 thoughts on ““I Do!”

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  2. oh my goodness, what a magical way to say “i do”– perfect. And your dress? stunning!!!

    my own wedding was small and intimate – i wouldn’t have had it any other way. CHEERS to marriage bliss! xo

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