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I’ve not written anything for 2 WEEKS!!!! – because I’ve had no internet. It really sucks!


This will make sense in a minute!

So much has happened in 2 weeks that I don’t even know where to start…


Firstly, I’ll apologize for the stream of consciousness you are about to read, this is the only way I’m going to be able to fill you in.

Marks sisters turned 21 and had a party, excellent time, feels like she was 12 yesterday! We had a great day out with my sister and her little boy at Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow, what a great place for the kids, has anyone been? If not, go!! When I got to Sheffield this week I got to see all of Mark’s Olympic kit – WOW!! Adidas and Next really went all out. We went to an event at the English Institute of Sport put on by Sheffield International Venues to say good luck to the athletes who they have helped over the past 5 years in the lead up to the Olympics. I saw all my boys in their Olympic suits, they looked so handsome, they clean up well!!!  I met Jessica Ennis and even spoke to her about weddings, she is an absolutely lovely girl, so down to earth and chatty. She deserves all the success she has and I really hope we get to see her take gold in a few weeks. Little Miss got her picture taken with her, something I hope she’ll value when she grows up! Little Miss turned 3 this week!!! Really!? My little girl is 3! She had a mini party with all the GB volleyball boys, when she is older she will be the envy of all her friends, lots of handsome men fussing over her all the time, she’s a lucky lady, they even sang happy birthday to her! Yes, grown men singing happy birthday! She got some nice gifts, her favourite: a “Brave” dress up outfit from the new disney movie. (quite apt, a movie about scottish ginger kids!) She also got a mini GB t-shirt with her name and number on the back, its amazing! She’ll get to celebrate again when she gets back to Glasgow on Sunday. I went with my sister and friend to the beach for the day, was such a fun afternoon, sitting on the beach with a beer always makes things feel easy, its an escape, a little afternoon to relax. My friend got a really funny finger tattoo…hahaha, everytime I think about it I laugh. Its a moustache. On her index finger. Hilarious. I watched T in the Park festival highlights from the comfort of my livingroom. Wishing I was muddy and wet and sleeping outside in the rain. I’m going next year! I watched GB women’s basketball play France and win. I went to Manchester to see USA mens basketball play Great Britain. Dream. Come. True. Seeing Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, Luol Deng, Swin Cash, Maya Moore, Diana Taurasi, my basketball hero’s, in the flesh. There’s some talent in GB basketball, their Olympics are going to be interesting. Labrinth played at the half time show, it was amazing. The whole evening, watching the game, getting amazing seats, being so close to the floor, spending time with an old friend, AMAZING. I met another friend for lunch in manchester too and got some more wedding stuff finalized whilst I was there, the list is getting smaller, more ticks off the list.

So….thats it in brief.

Now, the next two/three weeks! OLYMPIC FEVER! Check out this video:

I head to London in a few days. I got the golden tickets yesterday!

Hopefully i’ll not leave it so long before my next post…fingers crossed for Wifi everywhere.

Some pics below of the past few weeks. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Earthquake!

  1. Louie,

    What a great time in your life. I am so happy for you and your family. What you are living is a ferry tale. Enjoy it as long as you can. I so wish the Crawford’s and I could be there for your happy day but with Laura getting married in Hawaii at this time they are otherwise involved. For me school starts about the time of your wedding. Gods Speed to you three, may life be the ferry tale you are living now.


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